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As shippers around the globe wake up to the fact that they will be responsible for certifying the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of export containers from 1 July 2016 or face the consequences, so the rush for facts and solutions steps up a gear.

The performance of many freight forwarders so far has been lamentable, with numerous organisations adopting a head in the sand attitude, and now the race is on to prepare for whichever method, overall laden container weight (Method 1) or accurate individual consignment weight (Method 2), they will adopt.

Many companies are waiting for the press releases from UK ports, all of whom will presumably have Method 1 weighing systems in place before the relevant date, however although systems are being installed, there is no word yet as how much each weighing is likely to cost if necessary. Doubtless someone will blink soon as shippers are getting restless at the delay.

Asap have been in discussion will all of its export container suppliers and have been gathering an internal SOP to be ready for VGM Day.